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The Book

NAN: The Trifling Times of Nathan Jones, is the riveting story of a troubled black male from Brooklyn, New York that was forced underground after warring with a corrupt NYPD unit in the 1980’s. Fortunately for Nathan Jones (also known as Nan), he survived the attempt to end his life, and lived to tell his tale.

But, his story is not unlike many urban tales today, where the prevalence of corruption and greed result in the demise of many innocent individuals. Often times, our youth find themselves entrapped by the powers that be to their own detriment. In the case of Nathan Jones, when Five-0 came gunning for him, he refused to become another statistic.

But, to understand what Nan became, you have to take the time to fully understand what he was forced to become. At the tender age of thirteen, Nan witnessed the brutal murders of his parents, at the hands of a drug crazed PCP addict. This tragic event resulted in his childhood being stolen from him, and what remained of his teenage years being spent in an orphanage.

As he struggled to deal with his loss, a police officer named Mark Carson entered his life and became the father figure that he desperately needed. He was also introduced to another youth, named Joseph Hayes who happened to be an orphan as well. Their bond was immediately cemented, when they both discovered that they shared an unfortunate similarity. On the same fateful night, the same man murdered both of their parents.

The two youths became inseparable blood brothers, with Mark Carson serving as their mentor and surrogate father. Unfortunately, as the prospects for the future began to look more promising, tragedy rears its ugly head once again. This time, Nan is reeled into a deadly game of cat and mouse that threatens to destroy everything around him.

NAN: The Trifling Times of Nathan Jones , is a compelling tale, written exactly as it was told to Moses Miller. Intelligent urban fiction.


“Lived by the gun. Survived…On the run.”
Nathan “ Nan” Jones

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